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May 20 2020 Travelling the World via Local Takeout BY sgf-adminTAGS



Staying close to home can be tough for people and families with adventurous spirits. While it’s a good decision to protect our community, there’s no denying that it can feel somewhat stifling. Fulfill your taste for adventure during quarantine by exploring the world- via Springfield’s own selection of a variety of cuisines from all kinds of cultures. 

Craving Latin American cuisine? Not only does Springfield boast several wonderful Mexican restaurants, we’re also home to establishments offering Brazilian, Jamaican, and Peruvian style fare. For fantastic Mexican meals, visit Los Cabos Mexican Grill & Cantina, or Maria’s Mexican Restaurant. For Brazilian, visit ReRico Brazilian Grill and enjoy the experience of having your meal prepared right at your table, or order ahead and take your meal home. Jamaican Patty Company offers spiced meats and vegetables wrapped in flaky crust, jerk wings, and even specialty drinks and groceries from Jamaica, ready to go home with you. If Peruvian appeals to you, be sure to visit Café Cusco on Commercial Street to pick up ceviche, fried yucca, arroz con pollo and decadent desserts like their apricot tres leches. Café Cusco even offers a full vegan menu as well.

More in the mood for Asian fare? Springfield is well-known for the Leong family’s famous original cashew chicken, only available at Leong’s Asian Diner. If you’d prefer to take home sushi for dinner, you’re in luck. Springfield boasts several Japanese sushi bars, including Fuji, Hinode, and Nakato. Families craving Thai food will find an abundance of options at Thai Express on Glenstone, and they even have a drive through for orders on the go. If Indian food sounds more appealing tonight, pick up some tikka masala or palak paneer from Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant. 

If European dishes are among your favorites, our local restaurants won’t disappoint. Dutch-loving foodies will find an abundance of delicious dishes available via VanGogh’s Eeterie, including traditional favorites like pannekoeks, Dutch meatballs, stroopwafels & appletart, along with several gluten-free and vegan options. Those with a taste for the flavors of the Mediterranean should order from That Lebanese Place, a food-truck-turned-restaurant featuring dishes like beef shawarma, kebab skewers and batata harra. British pasties can be ordered for delivery or pickup at London Calling, in the St Louis Street Food Truck Park and Battlefield Mall. Finally, if you’re craving classic Italian pasta, Archie’s Italian Eatery and Bambino’s Café are both awesome locally owned options. 

To explore all your options for locally owned dining in Springfield, check out a more comprehensive list here. Make sure to call ahead and find out if and how coronavirus precautions have affected hours, prices, or availability. 

When you’ve had your fill of our globally inspired local fare, and it’s once again safe to fly out and experience cultures and cuisines all over the world, the Springfield-Branson National Airport will be here to help you connect to the world.



May 12 2020 Cancelling Your Air Travel Plans BY sgf-adminTAGS


In light of the coronavirus pandemic, air travel has become inadvisable for the near future. If you planned on travelling via the Springfield-Branson National Airport or any of the airlines we work with during the month of May or early summer 2020 and are now looking to cancel or reschedule your plans, we have some advice for you.



To cancel or reschedule your flight, you’ll need to contact the airline, credit card company, traditional travel agency, or online booking service you purchased tickets through.
If you used airline miles to purchase a flight, go directly to the airline you booked with for flight cancellation information. You’ll also have the best luck reaching out to the airline, rather than your issuer, to cancel and collect reimbursement for a flight booked with your credit card.
However, if you purchased your ticket with credit card rewards, you’ll want to contact the card company. It’s not ideal, but whether or not your credit card rewards are refunded can vary based on your issuer’s guidelines and the COVID-19 cancellation policy of your airline. If you booked with points or miles, you should get those back (not a dollar equivalent, but the actual points or miles), most likely with a waived redepositing fee.
If you booked through a traditional travel agency or an online booking service (such as Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, or Priceline), you’ll need to get in touch with them. They have different working relationships with all the suppliers on their sites, which can complicate things a bit. But the bottom line is: The airline’s policy will be the policy that customers of Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity will have to work with. As for hotels, they’ve always been pretty flexible when it comes to changing and canceling reservations, but in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, they are being even more so.


To avoid phone lines, see if your airline or travel agency allows you to cancel or modify a booking yourself on their website. Full policies for the airlines operating out of Springfield-Branson National Airport can be found here: Allegiant | American | Delta | United


The good news is that there is very little risk in making new travel plans for the later part of 2020 and early part of 2021. If your trip is scheduled for early summer or later on in the year, you can hold off on cancelling; if necessary, these policies will be extended. Hopefully it won’t be necessary! While no one can predict the future, travelers can plan with the knowledge that there will be plenty of flexible options while the world navigates this pandemic together.





The economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been widespread and dramatic. As previous economic shocks have taught us, small businesses will generally experience the most severe impacts. As businesses begin to reopen and people go back to work, supporting local businesses is crucial to ensure our city comes out strong after the crisis has passed. We’ve compiled several suggestions on how you can help our community and our local economy recover and stay strong as we navigate a new way of life due to the pandemic.




Instead of ordering from national online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, consider ordering non-perishable goods like books and games from small businesses offering curbside pickup or local delivery. These options will become more numerous as quarantine is lifted around Greene county. While it may not be as convenient to patronize a brick-and-mortar store due to continued restrictions, it will be much more beneficial to the local economy, and the personalized service you will receive should make up for any inconvenience. 



Family-owned restaurants feed Springfield families every day. Many local restaurants have shown up in a big way for the community, often even providing free meals for those out-of-work due to the pandemic. Some restaurants in our area even offered hard-to-find essentials like yeast, flour, and hand sanitizer with takeout orders for a period of time. To keep our local restaurants running, Springfield residents can order more takeout, buy and use gift cards as dining rooms begin to reopen, and support temporarily unemployed servers and bartenders by tipping online, via personal direct accounts or services like serviceindustry.tips while enjoying their meals and drinks at home.


Personal Services

If you enjoyed a personal service like a small gym or fitness class membership and had to suspend it during the quarantine, consider renewing your membership once it’s financially feasible. If you have a regular barber or beautician, look into purchasing gift certificates online for future use, to ensure that the people you trust with your appearance can pay the rent on their chair or building while their ability to provide their services is restricted. Once your stylist is available for appointments, be sure to follow all safety guidelines to keep the risk to yourself and your service provider as low as possible.


Arts and Entertainment

The arts are a massive part of Springfield’s culture, one that has experienced major setbacks and losses due to the virus. To keep our local arts scene healthy, consider donating to your favorite playhouse or theater, attending Springfield Regional Art Council’s Virtual Artsfest, or simply purchasing a commission from a local artist. While packed houses and lively festivals are not likely to take place again for a while, our artists and performers still need support to keep creating work that lifts our collective spirit.


As businesses begin to reopen, individuals will need to use their best judgement to decide what level of contact they are comfortable having with businesses and individuals providing services while the virus is still a concern. If you feel safe and comfortable doing so, we hope that you will support local businesses and the economic health of your friends and neighbors by shopping local. When it’s safe again and you’re ready to travel outside of Springfield and support other small economies again, your Springfield-Branson National Airport will be here, ready to serve as your connection to the world.