Pinkley's Christmas List


December 23, 2015


Pucker Up ––

Listen up all you party throwing peeps! This is Pinkley Flamingo, the Chief Party Goer at this airport, like, I mean someone’s gotta light up this place fur cryin’ out loud!

Today I am so honored to present to you this my most humble holiday gift list:


Five Ways to Keep Me Stress Free at Your Christmas Party!


  1. Forget about festive feasts featuring fowl.
  2. Do not serve eggnog (creeps me out I just gotta say)!
  3. Do serve pink wine in a box; chill before my arrival.
  4. Don't expect moi to help decorate, I tangle tinsel, but am great with mistletoe.
  5. Remember, I don't do nativity scenes.
  6. Lite batter on the shrimp, no throwed rolls.
  7. "Get the Party Started" must be on the stereo machine.
  8. Do not invite my uncle, Fabio Ferdinand Flamingo.
  9. I will arrive fashionably late so reserve my parking spot as my RV is ginormous.


You're Welcome, and thank you –– Happy Holidays to all!


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