A Refund for Late Bags?

Oct 20 2016 A Refund for Late Bags? BY sgf-admin TAGS Airlines

Those of you who fly frequently will likely find this story from the Associated Press of interest. In a nutshell: a new federal proposal would require airlines to "refund fees when checked bags are "substantially delayed."" But wait, there's more — and it's particularly interesting to those of us who work in the airport and airline industry. Check it out:

"One of the new rules would force airlines to report flight delays by all the planes that fly under their banner. Major carriers haven't been including flights operated by their regional airline partners in their performance reports to the government."

Yes, that's right. Every time you hear a media story about flight delays the numbers are WAY under reported. The numbers come from the federal Department of Transportation. The DOT doesn't tell the media that the numbers are under reported, and the media doesn't know any better.

There's at least one major airline that's always bragging about it's on time record. If this proposal becomes a rule, that will have to change!


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