October 31, 2016

Birdie of Frankenstein


Listen up all you Peeps in Springfield, Branson, and Southwest Missouri!

This is Pinkley Flamingo, the resident spook 'mingo at the Springfield airport. And I've very important news that I am so privileged to give you, cause I'm in charge around here fur cryin' out loud

It is my great honor to announce that I’ve won the airport halloweenie costume contest!

The battle was hard fought, but I have persevered. You see, my first costume did not win ‘cause the judges did not appreciate the trouble required to acquire 100% cotton Egyptian mummy gauze so I arranged for a new contest!

Please be honored to note that moi dress is made of STUNNING white taffeta made from only the finest taffetas. Hand stitched, this labor of love is adorned with TOTALLY handmade lace from North Miami. Hair styling by Vidal Swan, using feather gel by Redchicken.

Now excuse moi, must return a call to my most humble fan Lindsey Lohan who wants advice on pink lace




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