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June was the busiest month in the Springfield airport’s history with 118,477 total passengers. It continues a growth streak that began eight years ago. The unprecedented growth resulted in the airport reaching the one million annual passenger mark last year for the time ever. The growth shows no signs of slowing down –– so far this year passenger growth is up 8.7% over last year.

Passenger numbers have grown 47% since 2011 driven by the airlines use of larger planes, more flights, and...


Passenger growth at the Springfield‐Branson National Airport is so rapid that the airport is adding more parking. Construction is now underway on more than 700 additional parking spots. This is on top of the 300 spots added less than three years ago.

Airports across the country have seen record growth the past couple of years and keeping up with parking is a challenge. In Springfield, the lots are often full, with some vehicles parked in what would normally be no‐parking zones.