Glimpse of the Future at SGF

Jan 09 2013 Glimpse of the Future at SGF BY sgf-admin TAGS Airlines

Image of an Embraer 190 jet


We got our first up-close look at an Embraer 190 yesterday (photo left). The 190 has been in production about 10 years but the airlines haven't used them for Springfield air service — that's probably going to change in the next couple of years — we fully expect to start seeing them on a regular basis. Here's what's going on...

Most of our airport's service is on regional jets. That's "RJ" for short. These small jets typically carry between 44 and 50 passengers. Many of you love to hate them because they're so cramped...

The airlines are retiring RJs like crazy because they're getting old and they're expensive to fly — you can't sell enough seats to pay for the gas. The Embraer 190 will likely end-up replacing many of the RJs.

Aviation Geek alert! The photo on the left shows the Frontier 190 that visited yesterday. The photo on the right is a typical RJ. Notice the differences. The 190's bigger engines are mounted under the wings, while the engines on the RJ are mounted in the rear. Notice the differences in tail configurations. Click the photo of the 190 to see a bigger version.

Some people refer to the 190 as a stretched RJ. That's really not fair. The 190 can carry up to 114 passengers and is considerably more comfortable. It's more powerful and more fuel efficient. Overall, it's a vastly superior airplane. Here's to the future!


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