United Digital Media Store

Aug 06 2012 United Digital Media Store BY sgf-admin TAGS AirlinesCustomer ServiceUnited


Suppose you had 1500 frequent flyer miles. Which would you rather spend them on: air fare or a digital music download? With today's introduction of the MileagePlus Digital Media Store, United Airlines is betting that some of you will say music. Or a movie.

You can spend 1,375 miles and get Blown Away. That's the name of an album by Carrie Underwood. Or how about a movie called God Save My Shoes? You can rent it for 460 miles, or buy it for 2,545 miles.

The director of United MileagePlus, Krishnan Saranathan, says the media store, "Offers the perfect complement to our other non-air award options such as hotel stays, car rentals, merchandise and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This is one more example of our commitment to expanding the world’s most rewarding loyalty program for our members.”


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