Bad Trend, Good Trend

Apr 24 2012 Bad Trend, Good Trend BY sgf-admin TAGS Fares


We ran across this bit of gloomy news this morning:

"The cheap fares travelers enjoyed just a few summers ago are gone, killed off by a combination of an improving economy, rising fuel prices and fewer airline flights."

Read the rest of the story from the Arizona Republic.

And then there's this interesting story from the New York Times about the apparent comeback of travel agents:

" 2011 travel agencies experienced a second consecutive year of growth; their bookings account for a third of the $284 billion United States travel market."

This trend makes a lot of sense. We've been advising people for years that it's best to have a travel agent in your mix. In other words, don't depend entirely on online booking. A travel agent can often better deals than a booking engine.


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