We've Got A Fare War!

Sep 08 2014 We've Got A Fare War! BY sgf-admin TAGS AirlinesFares


We’ve got an interesting air fare war going on in Springfield . We haven’t seen this sort of thing since before the recession.

Here’s what’s going on — bear with me ... this gets complicated!

Right now both United and American are matching round trip fares between Springfield and Atlanta for $404.

That may not sound like a big deal but here’s the thing: neither of those two airlines fly non-stop from Springfield to Atlanta. They’ll have to fly you from Springfield through Chicago, or Dallas, to get to Atlanta. Delta, on the other hand, does fly non-stop between Springfield and Atlanta.

So here’s the deal: United and American are taking dead aim at Delta’s passengers flying non-stop between Springfield and Atlanta.

Not to be out done Delta is taking aim at United and American non-stop flights between Springfield and Chicago: Delta is offering round trip fare from Springfield to Chicago for $430. Since Delta doesn’t have non-stop flights from Springfield to Chicago, you’ll have to fly through Atlanta.

Now $430 may not strike you as being a bargain fare. But here’s the deal: United often charges over a thousand bucks for the Springfield to Chicago round trip …

So yes — we’ve got a fare war on our hands!




Fair warning: If you go looking for these fares you’ll discover that they’re not available on all flights, and for all dates. Many of the deals will be found for travel in the 4th quarter. So keep on looking and good luck!


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