Some Help for the Overpacked Traveler...

May 27 2008 Some Help for the Overpacked Traveler... BY sgf-admin TAGS Airlines


suitcase.gifHow about the ruckus American Airlines (AA) caused last week? You know, the announcement that your first checked bag will soon cost $15. This on top of the earlier announced AA fee—that the second checked bag will cost you $25! Just wait until June 15th. That's when the $15 fee goes into affect—then we'll really hear some uproar. But wait...I'm getting ahead of myself...I need to tell you about the help.


This morning I discovered a web site called It's chock-full of useful information about packing lite. Give it a look. Now back to the uproar...


American is getting it from all sides. Aviation consultant Michael Boyd writes, "Unfortunately, some of the actions taken by some carriers in recent weeks are clearly the result of quick panic decisions, not rational planning to adjust to $3.50 - $4 jet-A (jet fuel). They are directly affecting customers' good will. More and more, the flying public walks into an airport and likely starts to feel like "marks" at a two-bit country carnival. Every game in the place is rigged to shake more money out of them. An airline ticket once bought travel from A to B. Now, it's becoming just a down-payment."


BusinessWeek writes, "PR fallout? That would presume that the airlines had any credibility at all with consumers and business travelers in the first place."


The travel blog at the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram had plenty to say too.


Yes, there's lot's chatter out there but just wait until June 15th. I haven't heard anyone mention it in the blogosphere, but one wag around this airport thinks people will start stuffing their carry-on bags to the max. That could result is a massive logjam at the security checkpoints—especially if other airlines follow AA's lead and start charging for the first bag too.

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