Jan 09 2013 Glimpse of the Future at SGF BY sgf-admin TAGS

Image of an Embraer 190 jet


We got our first up-close look at an Embraer 190 yesterday (photo left). The 190 has been in production about 10 years but the airlines haven't used them for Springfield air service — that's probably going to change in the next couple of years — we fully expect to start seeing them on a regular basis. Here's what's going on...

Jan 04 2013 Great News! Allegiant to Return LAX Service in June BY sgf-admin TAGS


It was just about six weeks ago that we told you about Allegiant's decision to "suspend" our service to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) beginning January 14. We're now pleased to say that Allegiant will bring the service back on June 7. So we'll be without the service for about six months. Why the suspension? Read on...

Sep 24 2012 Catch As Catch Can BY sgf-admin TAGS

I've got a bunch of tid-bits to share, none of which really deserve their own posting. Here they are, in no particular order...

I spent part of last week in Dallas at the International Aviation Forecast Summit. It's an annual event that includes airlines, airports, and aircraft manufacturers. Here are a few of the summit's insights:


Aug 06 2012 United Digital Media Store BY sgf-admin TAGS


Suppose you had 1500 frequent flyer miles. Which would you rather spend them on: air fare or a digital music download? With today's introduction of the MileagePlus Digital Media Store, United Airlines is betting that some of you will say music. Or a movie.

You can spend 1,375 miles and get Blown Away. That's the name of an album by Carrie Underwood. Or how about a movie called God Save My Shoes? You can rent it for 460 miles, or buy it for 2,545 miles.

Apr 19 2012 Airport Passenger Numbers Up for 1Q BY sgf-admin TAGS


The nation's airlines begin reporting their first quarter profits today. Good news is not expected. The price of fuel is the killer -- up approximately 30% since this time last year.

While the news looks gloomy for the airlines, things are bright and sunny here in Springfield. Our airport finished the quarter with a 10% increase in total passenger numbers. Here are the numbers for the first three months of the year:


Apr 18 2012 Strange, But True? BY sgf-admin TAGS


We've been following for several weeks the back and forth speculation in the business press about Delta Air Lines getting into the oil business...yes, you read right. The oil business.

This week a credible new organization, Reuters, took the story beyond idle gossip and rumor mongering...