Mar 04 2011 Gale Warning BY sgf-admin TAGS


We’ve hiked the gale warning flag.

Telltale signs have been with us for the past few months, but in the past few days it’s become obvious: the airline industry is getting ready to batten down the hatches and do everything it can to weather rising energy prices. For airline customers it means fewer available seats and much higher fares.

Feb 08 2011 Joplin Essential Air Service BY sgf-admin TAGS


We received this email from Chad:

"I just stumbled across an article stating that American Airlines will now offer daily flights to DFW from Joplin.  I travel weekly for business and just booked 3 flights departing SGF yesterday.  My trip to Portland on American totaled about $900 after taxes and fees, however, I checked the same flight dates from Joplin and the fare totaled about $350.  How does the airport plan to compete with this new Joplin service?"

Jan 14 2011 Finding Cheaper Fare Gets More Difficult BY sgf-admin TAGS


Our past few blog postings have been about the squabble between the airlines and the independent online travel sites. The New York Times dives right in and explains how the fuss affects travelers. Bottom line: you've got to do a lot more digging to find the cheaper fares. Read the story here.