Sep 14 2010 An Earful from Wilbur Flywright, CEO BY sgf-admin TAGS


Imagine a conversation between an airline customer (complaining about fares and fees) and an airline CEO. Here's what the CEO would like to say...

"OK. Let's get real here. Just in case you were in a coma for the last 25 years, airlines have done nothing but lose money. In fact, since its beginnings the U.S. airline industry hasn't made a dime. Quite the contrary, it has lost billions upon billions. And why? Because of you....."


We came across an unusually lucid piece of business reporting the other day. The Secrets Behind Crazy Air-travel Prices cuts through the muck and gives a very good overview of how airlines price tickets. Read it once, then read it again. You won't like it, but it will start to make sense. Here are some important takeaways—if you don't remember anything else, remember these points...

Jul 31 2009 Record Low Fares Nationwide BY sgf-admin TAGS


"Airline prices are falling at an unprecedented rate even though carriers have slashed capacity, new data show."


That's the lede in a story from the Chicago Tribune. The story continues, "The average cost of a plane ticket within the U.S. plunged 9.1 percent to $315 during the first three months of 2009, the largest quarter-to-quarter drop ever recorded by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics."


Jun 25 2009 Fares Going Back Up BY sgf-admin TAGS


Air fares are going back up.  This comes after about three months of delightfully low fares at airports across the country. According to Reuters, "American Airlines hiked prices between $5 and $10 for a one-way ticket for a large number of its U.S. routes on Wednesday. Later that day, UAL Corp's United Airlines matched those increases on many of its own U.S. flights."


Jun 15 2009 The Great Unknown--Fare Sales Ending Soon? BY sgf-admin TAGS


The great air fare sale, that's been going on across the country for the past few months, may be ending soon. I hate saying it, but the airline bosses are sending up warning flares...


"I think the industry is leaving money on the table." That's according to Scott Kirby, the president of U.S. Airways.