Apr 01 2019 Reveling in the Years BY sgf-admin TAGS

Our airport’s “new” terminal is almost 10 years old. It opened May 6, 2009.

Depending on your point of view, it seems like yesterday, or ages ago. Either way, the building isn’t that “new” anymore and things have changed a lot in the past ten years.

That being said, it's a good time to begin looking backwards and forwards. Over the next five weeks we’ll share photos of the airport’s historic terminals, along with the current one.

Jun 30 2017 Flashback Friday BY sgf-admin TAGS



Anyone who’s ever put a shovel in the dirt of North Springfield knows there’s a lot of it — tough rock. Mean rock. 11 years ago today a bulldozer driver found out just how mean …

A squadron of big, tough Caterpillar D11 bulldozers occupied the airport that morning. They moved dirt and rock for construction of the new terminal.

Lots of back and forth between the contractors: “Can we bulldoze that rock or will we have to use dynamite?”

Jun 30 2014 Time Flies On ... BY sgf-admin TAGS


This week a small part piece of airport history bites the proverbial dust.

When the red brick building comes tumbling down on Wednesday hardly anyone will notice — except, perhaps, a few airport rescue firefighters. Some of them spent many a long shift in that building — it’s the old airport firehouse.

Aug 16 2012 Listen to the Sound of FiFi BY sgf-admin TAGS


As many of you know the B-29 bomber nicknamed "FiFi" was in Springfield the past couple of days. It's a World War II vintage bomber and the last of its kind that still flies. We thought you might like to see some of our home video of the old warbird. While the plane certainly looks good, be sure to listen to the old beast. Hard to imagine that a machine of war can sound almost like an old farm tractor... And how about those squeaky brakes?


Jun 20 2011 Liberty Belle BY sgf-admin TAGS


A piece of aviation history burned up last week in an Illinois cornfield. The Liberty Belle was a restored World War II bomber that visited our airport in August of last year. Below are some photographs of the plane during its Springfield visit. Read about the emergency landing and fire from the Chicago Tribune.

Oct 30 2007 A Piece of History BY sgf-admin TAGS


This wonderful image appeared in the Springfield News & Leader on November 15, 1953. The plane is the venerable DC-3. The colonial style building is the first terminal.


The story accompanying the photo is a detailed account of the airport’s first eight years of existence.oldterm_dc3.jpg Here’s how the story described the airport’s financial situation: